Wardcraft Conveyor – Conveying Quality in Custom and Standard Industrial Solutions

Our Company


For over 125 years, Wardcraft Conveyor has provided standard and custom conveying solutions to manufacturing and material handling industries including automotive, metal stamping, tool die, machine tool, fastener, forging, die-cast, appliance, metal working, and plastics industries throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico. We design, build and manufacture conveyance systems of all types, including steel hinge, magnetic, belt and oscillating conveyors. Our experienced and creative staff of engineers use modern technologies to meet the diverse conveying needs of all our clients with efficiency and excellence.

Our History


Wardcraft Conveyor was originally founded by Dr. M.J. McLaughlin and Russell E. Ward under the name “McLaughlin, Ward & Co.” The company specialized in developing grain elevators that milled corn and wheat until 1919, when they developed “Eleceysort Color Sorting” for bean cleaning, polishing, sorting, counting, as well as cleaning bean processing equipment.

In 1950, McLaughlin, Ward & Co. sold the grain elevator developing business, expanded, and began to manufacture and sell processing equipment to grain elevators instead. While still selling the processing equipment, the company started manufacturing custom conveyors for local customers, and within the next decade, they founded the Wardcraft Conveyor Products Division for industrial use.

1967 marked the year when Wardcraft Conveyor’s first signature products was developed—the Slug-Vayor®. Other signature products—the Parts-Vayor®, Chip-Vayor® and Magna-Vayor®—were designed and produced soon after, helping Wardcraft Conveyor quickly become a leader of conveyor systems throughout the U.S. and Canada. In 1972, the company acquired Ralph C. Gardner & Co. to gain the ability to manufacture industrial sensing devices known as Fail-Safe, Bin-Dex and StalGard, which allowed Wardcraft to continue to facilitate its quick growth.


Throughout the 1980s, Wardcraft continued to flourish, introducing Quick Die Change products and offering a 2 ½” pitch steel hinge belt. A state-of-the-art facility was built on 10 acres of land in Spring Arbor, Michigan in 1990, where Wardcraft Conveyor still resides today. The company remained family-owned until 1996, when the Ward family sold controlling interest of Wardcraft and QDC Division to John Richard, who has been with the company since 1970.

Our Sister Companies


Orbitform experts deliver the right fastening, forming, riveting, and assembly solutions to support manufacturers with achieving their desired outcome.

With our robust service offerings, customers receive unique value in each of the six pillars of Orbitform:

  • Fastening, Riveting, and Forming
  • Process Intelligence and Control
  • Assembly Automation
  • Palletized and Part-on-Chain Conveyors
  • Spare Parts Tooling & Service
  • Solutions Lab



  • High Precision Double Disc and Super Finishing Clamp Bore Grinding Machines.
  • Rebuild, retool, and controls upgrades to existing grinding machines specializing in disc grinders like Besly, Gardner, Giustina, Mattison’s, and many more.
  • Spindle rebuilds and core exchange programs to minimize machine downtime.
  • Hand Scraping of machine ways on any type of machine.