Di-Glide® Quick Die Change System – Heavy-Duty Die Lifter

  • Di-Glide® Quick Die Change System – Heavy-Duty Die Lifter

The DI-GLIDE® Quick Die Change (QDC) system is Wardcraft’s heavy-duty version of the TEE-LIFT® QDC system. As Wardcraft’s largest configuration, this pneumatic die lifting system has the muscle to move dies up to 80 tons in weight. Its simple construction adds durability and allows for various mounting options in/on a press bolster.

Operating like the TEE-LIFT® system, the DI-GLIDE® system features rollers that have a 4,000 lb capacity each. When air is injected into the neoprene bag underneath the rails, they are lifted by 3/8” to the shoulder stops, which places the rollers ¼” above the bolster surface, lifting the die in place to this height.

DI-Glide® Features

The features of the DI-GLIDE® QDC system include:

  • Cost that is less than half of most other die lifter systems
  • 2,600 lbs of lift force per running foot (at 90 PSI)
  • Uses shop air
  • Eliminates need for hydraulic pump
  • Maintenance-free