Horizontal Wire Mesh Belt Conveyors

  • Horizontal Wire Mesh Belt Conveyors

Wardcraft Model – HWM

Like our standard horizontal conveyors, Wardcraft’s horizontal wire mesh conveyors are a cost-effective solution for efficient product transport. However, unlike our standard horizontal conveyors, wire mesh is utilized in place of PVC or polyurethane belts, excellent for hot parts or high impact applications. This allows any fluids (like lubrications or oils) to drip clear of the conveyor belt.

HWM Conveyor Features

Horizontal wire mesh conveyors have benefits in addition to those of standard horizontal conveyors:

  • Slim bed with wire mesh belt
    • Allows fluid to flow through
  • Reversible conveyance (optional)
  • Standard belt widths from 6” to 72”
  • Many belt styles
    • Flat wire mesh
    • Woven wire mesh
    • Balance weave
    • Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel
  • Optional equipment
    • High sides
    • Cooling shroud
    • Air Knife blow-off systems
    • Fluid drip tank

HWM Conveyor Literature