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Scrap Separation Systems – Conveyors Serving Alabama

Efficiently transfer metal scrap from stamping, die casting, laser cutting and machining operations with custom automated scrap separation systems from Wardcraft Conveyor. We design and manufacture our scrap separators for hostile industrial environments processing waste material. Hence our company mantra, “Give your maintenance team an opportunity to work on other equipment.” Our heavy duty scrap separators are built to last.

Common scrap separation applications are industrial feed conveyors and transport conveyors for balers and shredders. Elevated conveyors then move scrap material into containers. Please review the other pages of our site for other types of conveyors for possible application in your custom system.

Our scrap handling experience in working in many manufacturing environments over our long history with make a project with Wardcraft a smooth one. We pride ourselves in seamless communications with you, from initial planning and design, to final implementation and testing.

Call 1-800-782-2779 to inquire about Wardcraft Conveyors’ design, build, and install services. We can fulfill your exact specifications and project timetable.

Custom Mezzanines and Platforms for Conveyors

Scrap Separation System Examples

Custom Mezzanines and Platforms for Conveyors

Wardcraft custom fabricates structural steel mezzanines to your specifications of materials, finishes, decking/grating, handrails, stairs, and other components. A heavy duty structural steel platform for a plant, a catwalk-style mezzanine designed around processing equipment, can be an important feature for plant mobility increasing efficiency.

Our engineering and design team will work with you to create access openings and stairways to be located wherever they are needed. The load capacity can be increased in your heavy load areas and special handling systems can be integrated into the original design. All Wardcraft mezzanines are engineered and designed to meet IBC, OSHA and other building codes.

The Wardcraft Warranty – We Stand By Our Products 100%

We believe in the quality of our work and stand by the products we manufacture 100%. That’s why we offer the Wardcraft Warranty—an assurance that covers all our mezzanines. If you have encountered a defect within a product or service we’ve provided, or have questions about your warranty, do not hesitate to contact us.

We will add space to your facility in the most efficient, cost effective, and code compliant manner.

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